patience elonmusk1

Patience leads to abundant understanding,
    but impatience leads to stupid mistakes. – Proverbs 14: 29 (CEB)

If you want to get better at something it takes practice.  We can learn from books and teachers, but the greatest teacher in life is experience.

Reading through Proverbs 14 today, there’s a lot of wisdom, but the verse that jumped out at me was vs. 29.  Maybe because patience is still something I need to learn.  My passion bucket for life runs deep.   To say I have a competitive nature, well, most of my friends and family would tell you that’s an understatement.  I have learned that much of life is not a competition, but changing my ways and habits is always difficult.  I’m sure some of you reading this can identify.  We all have areas of our life and personality we would like to improve.

The problem with learning patience is the necessary experience.  I know if I pray for patience the Lord will send me opportunities to learn and grow and they will be tough situations.

I’m finding my courage to pray to learn to be more patient because I want to be a better husband, I want to be a better dad, I want to be a better friend, and I want to be a better pastor.

So here goes…do you have the courage to pray for patience with me?

Prayer:  Lord, I feel the need to be more patient.  It’s an act of love.  Help me to learn patience.  Give me the opportunities to learn.  Bring it on.  After all that you have done for me, I want to be better, I want to do better…I want to be more patient.  Lord help me.  Amen.