Don’t get upset over evildoers;
    don’t be jealous of those who do wrong,

Psalm 37: 1

“Love your neighbor.”  “Love your enemies.”   Jesus teaches both of these.  The first, loving our neighbor, is hard enough, but loving our enemies?  That’s just hard.  I generally like most folks; you have to really have to wrong me or someone I love for me to not like you, but if your actions or words threaten the folks I love and care for, then I will get bent.  Most of us would.

The challenge for me, for us, comes in Jesus telling us to “Love our enemies”, or the Psalmist reminding us, “Don’t get upset over evildoers”.

So, what does it take to not get bent out of shape over evil?  This does not mean we ignore it, but find a way to keep composure in the face of evil.  Will the evil we encounter today change us or cause us to react?  Or is there a different way; can we face evil with love?

This is different from the ways of the world, but is the way we are called to live as followers of Jesus Christ.  This is not easy; this is a huge challenge.  Are you up for it?  I pray we are.

Prayer:  Lord, some days it feels like we are surrounded by darkness and evil.   Give us wisdom and courage to keep our composure in the face of evil and in times of adversity.  When we face evil, may your love and light shine through us.