Make one person happy

27 While Jesus was saying these things, a certain woman in the crowd spoke up: “Happy is the mother who gave birth to you and who nursed you.”

28 But he said, “Happy rather are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.” – Luke 11: 27-28

I hope I live my life is such a way that makes my parents proud.   It’s not my goal, but I hope they are pleased with the life I have lived.  I think on some level we all long for parental approval.

In these two short verses above from Luke 11, we have a woman who is throwing a compliment at Jesus.  In essence, she is saying, “Your mother must be so proud of you.”

Jesus could have responded with a simple, “Thanks!”, but that’s not what he does.

He twists the compliment into a teaching lesson.  “My mother, Mary, won’t find true joy or blessing in my accomplishments.  The blessing comes from being close to God, learning from God, and then living life from that relationship.”

This would not be news to Mary, it was the life she was already living. – Luke 1: 38

We live in a world where we feel like we have to please so many people.  I think the invitation and challenge from this exchange, between the complimenting woman and teaching Jesus, comes down to this:  Who am I trying to please today?  What does God want me to do today?

It’s not about a simplistic moral code, instead, transformed by God’s grace, it’s a way of life.

Prayer:  Lord, set me free from the prison of trying to please people.  Instead, teach me your ways of love and grace and sacrifice, for that will be more than enough. Amen.