God, don’t be silent!
    Don’t be quiet or sit still, God

– Psalm 83:1

The news is hard to watch these days – Hate crimes, terrorist attacks, racial discrimination in our justice system, snipers taking aim at police officers, floods, fires, and here in Northeast Tennessee, a lone gunman who just seemingly started shooting at random cars driving down the road.

These are the days we cry out, Lord, help us from the fear and the anger that has overwhelmed us.  That’s where Psalm 83 hits home today.  Our enemies and The Enemy seem to have us surrounded.  It’s weeks like this one, where I officated at a funeral of a 22 year-old who died in a car  accident, that drive us to call on God for help.

It’s been a brutal week for all of us.  And yet…

And yet, I hold out hope, because I trust in the Lord, and I beleive that love wins in the end.

A friend of mine posted this Maya Angelou quote on Facebook today:

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has yet to solve one.

Somtimes I wonder what God is going to do about all this suffering and strife.  It’s then that the Lord reminds me that God made us.  You and me.  We are the solution.

When someone speaks ignorant hate against all Muslims out of very real fear, we cannot be silent.

When another person of color, especially a young black man get shot, we must remind ourselves that #blacklivesmatter.

When police officers are ambushed, we defend those who defend us.

Injustice to one is and injustice to us all, whether is down the street or around the world.

Who will speak for the Lord?  Who will speak love into hate, hope into fear?  Here I am.  Send me.  Will you join me.

Prayer:  Lord, we pray for those who have suffered injustice this week.  Where I have been part of the problem, or to silent for too long, correct me and give me the courage and wisdom to speak to the world with love and hope.  Amen.