“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 16:21

Think about it.  Where do you invest your time and money?  Those things become our passions.  Whatever our head treasures, that’s where our heart goes, and the more time and money we invest into something, the more we treasure it.  It’s a cycle of investment and passion.

So, where do you spend your time and money?  Think about how much money we spend on shelter, food, and transprotation; no wonder we treasure these things beyond just needing them to live.  Think about where else we invest time in money.  I have a friend who spends tons of time serving her community, and meeting the needs of folks in her community who need help.  Guess what, she loves the people she works with and she loves her community, because she is so invested in the lives of others in her hometown.

We invest in sports teams, favorite t.v. shows, hobbies, etc.  We invest in them, and our passion for these things grows deeper.

This all stirs up a big “what if…” in me.  Now, what if, hearing Jesus words, we come to our relationship with the Lord with this investment/passion cycle in mind?

We begin to treasure the things that God treasures for God’s kingdom and all God’s children.  The investment/passion cycle in our lives becomes loving God and loving neighbor, and the more we do it, the more this passion of serving our neighbor grows, to the point that the needs of all are met.

So, take a look at your calendar and your bank statement, what are you investing in?

Prayer:  Lord, teach me your ways.  As you have invested in me, and have a passion for me, stir that same love and passion in me, so that I will invest in others, knowing they will become my passion, because they are your passion.  Amen.