Psalm 8:3-6 (CEB)

When I look up at your skies,
    at what your fingers made—
    the moon and the stars
    that you set firmly in place—
        what are human beings
            that you think about them;
        what are human beings
            that you pay attention to them?
You’ve made them only slightly less than divine,
    crowning them with glory and grandeur.
You’ve let them rule over your handiwork,
    putting everything under their feet –

These verses from Psalm 8 have alway struck a chord within my soul.  When we look out at the vastness of the universe, we begin to feel how small and seemingly insignificant we are.  And yet, as people of faith, we believe and teach that God is mindful of us, not only recognizing our existence, but cares for us and gives a postion of power and authority in caring for God’s creation.  Wow.

The fact that God cares for us at all is amazing.  The fact that God would send Jesus to live and die for us, to reveal the fulness of God’s grace and love and mercy, well, that’s almost infinitely unbelievable.  And yet, I believe it’s true.

Some days we fool oursevles into feeling overly important, some days we feel minutely insignificant.  Maybe we’ve missed the point all together.  Our worth is in our identity, which ironically doesn’t come from the self, it comes from God, the Creator of it All, who says we matter, because God loves us and made us.


Prayer:  Lord, I stand in awe of the vastness of your Creation.  I stand in greater awe in vastness of your mercy and grace for us, for me.  Amen.