Joyeux Noël v2

Noel, Noel

Come and see what God has done

Noel, Noel

The story of amazing love!

The light of the world, given for us


– The Chorus from “Noel” by Chris Tomlin


The word “Noel’ simply means birth. For centuries is been used to refer to the Christmas season as we celebrate Chirst’s birth.  It’s also come to mean any Christmas Carol or hymn or song about Christ’s birth.  The double meaning is used in “The First Noel” as the angels sing the first song announcing Christ’s birth. (Luke 2: 8-13)

In French, joyeux noel means “Merry Christmas.”  So when we sing songs with noel, or wish someone a joyous noel, we are following the example of the angels, announcing the good news that Jesus Christ was born.

Deeper still is getting to the significance of Noel which is what I like about this Chris Tomlin song, sung by Lauren Daigle – “Noel, Noel, Come and see what God has done.  Noel, Noel, the story of amazing love!  The light of the world, given for us. Noel.”

Prayer:  Lord, the story of your amazing love never gets old – First revealed to us by your birth, and again on the cross, and again at the empty tomb.  Noel.  Amen.

Check it out here:

Noel – by Chris Tomlin, featuring Lauren Daigle