Pardon the grossness…We have a dog and every now and the, he vomits.  If we don’t stop him,  he’ll try to clean it up himself.  It’s gross.  It’s like compounding a mistakes. 

You be glad to know I don’t eat my own vomit, but I do make the same mistakes over and over. Habits and patterns are hard to break.  In 2 Peter,  the arbor encorages us to live differently.  If we’ve experienced God’s love, grace, and salvation, we have the freedom and inspiration to live differently.  It won’t be easy but it is possible.  

Questions:  What changes is God calling you to make in your life?  What’s your plan for changing?  Who do you have around you to support you in those changes? 

Prayer:  Lord, help me to not make the same mistakes again. Teach me a better way and give me the strength to make the changes.  Amen.