Those who honor the Lord,
    who adore God’s commandments, are truly happy!

They give freely to those in need.   – Psalm 112:1, 9

Over 2000 by some counts, the bible speaks to helping those in poverty, those in need. Today’s verse is from Psalm 112, and states frankly that this is what God’s people do: The give freely to those in need.

When we read the Gospels, we see Jesus over and over again, helping those in need.  And he commands us to love God and love our neighbor.  Some would say he commands us to love God by loving our neighbor.

I have always asked God to bless me and the work I am doing for my family, for The Church, and for the world.  In and of itself, I don’t think this is a bad thing.  But thanks to writers like Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Dallas Willard, Fredrick Buechner, Henry Blackaby and others, I have come to appreciate a different and what I believe to be a better way.

As Bono put it in his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, words he learned from a wise man:

Stop asking God to bless what you are doing.  Get involved in what God is doing, because it is already blessed.

It’s starts by asking where do you see God at work in the world?  (Hint: It’s often found in places and people in need.)  Where you see God at work, that’s your invitation to join in.  Sure, we want and desire God’s blessing, but the world needs us to be the blessing.

Your challenge today.  Open your eyes, see God at work, look for opportunities to join in what God is already doing.  Help somebody.  Bless somebody.

Prayer:  Lord, you have richly blessed me, not for myself, not for my own satisfaction, though I am grateful.  You have blessed me that I might bless others.  Show me where you are working today and give me the courage and wisdom to join in that work.  Amen.

“Right now, God is working all around you.” – Herny Blackaby, Experiencing God