I like having hope.  I’ve wondered, if I ever found myself in prison, would I still be able to have hope?  As the apostle Paul writes to Philemon from prison, he has these words of hope, “Make up the guest room for me. ” 
In our darkest times its our faith and hope that keep us going.  It’s knowing that no matter where we are, what we’ve done, or what we are going through, that God still loves us.  I believe that, because I believe that God loves each of us so very much, more than we could ever comprehend. 

It also helps, as in Paul’s case, to know the power of prayer and that others are praying for us.  Is there anything I can pray for you today? Who do you know that could use some prayers, stop what reading this and pray for them now!  This blog will still be here when you are done praying for them. 

Here’s to hope and the power of prayer, and God who loves us.  

Prayer: Wherever you are and whatever you are going through today, may you know and feel God’s love for you. Amen