Crazy Love

If we are crazy, it’s for God’s sake. If we are rational, it’s for your sake. – 2 Corinthians 5:13

Why would Abraham pack up and leave with his family, not knowing where he was going?  Why would Paul quit his day job and travel to places where he would face opposition and persecution?  Why would Jesus go to The Cross to reveal the depth of God’s love?  Because love does crazy things that seem foolish to the world.

When we realize the immeasurable depth of God’s love for us, we may be called in inspired to do some crazy things.  Like my friend Danielle, tending to the needs of children in Uganda, why?  Because after experiencing God’s love for us, there isn’t anything we won’t do in return for the God’s Kingdom.

Why would my wife and I move four times in the first five years of our marriage?  Because we’re crazy?  Well, it may seem like craziness, but to us, it was the road that the Lord chose for us.  It’s not about “me and Jesus”, it’s about “we and Jesus” or “Jesus and us”.

We have this opportunity to do great things, not on our own, that would make much difference, but together, crazy for God, because God is crazy in love with us.  Jesus on The Cross is the proof and the witness.

So, where has God’s love inspired you to the point that the world may call you crazy?  Would you give up a week of vacation to help others?  When was the last time you did something for God that the world might say “Y’all are crazy!”.

Love isn’t comfortable.  Responding to God’s love was never meant to be safe.  I will promise you this, it’s been the greatest adventure I have ever known.

Prayer:  God, I don’t know why you love us still, but you do.  You love us beyond measure.  May your love inspire us to do crazy things to make your world a better place for others.  Amen.