Love never fails.  Pursue love.”  – 1 Corinthians 13: 8 and 14:1

What are we after?  A better life?  A better career?  A bigger house?  More stuff?  Security?

I had a college roommate, who for fun, would add more to words that ended with suffix “-er”.  Who doesn’t like something that is “more funner” or “more better”.  Actually in the case of “more better, it made sense to me.  We may never be our best, but we can do better than better, that is, we can be “more better”.

I want to be more better, to get more better, to do more better, not for myself, but because of love, for those around me. I want to be a more better husband for my wife.  I want to be a more better dad for my children. I want to be a more better pastor for my congregation and our community.

Think of it this way.  I work a lot with high school students and college students.  Why do we get an education?  Our culture teaches us to get an education so that we can be successful, have nice things, and provide for ourselves and our families.  I have a different view.  Get educated and keep learning so that you can make your home, your community, and the world a more better place.  And it starts with love.  Love is the motivator instead of fear.  Fear operates out of a scarcity and hoarding mentality.  The way of the disciple, imitating Jesus, operates out of love.  Love for God, love for neighbor, trusting that there will always be enough because The Lord will provide. Love is other focused.  Builds up the other, the community.

Fear drives us to insecurity and comparison.  Love drives us to lifting up someone else, making their life more better.

Who’s life can you make more better today?

Where do you need to get more better yourself, so that you can make someone else’s life more better?

Prayer:  Lord, you love me no matter what, but your love inspires me to want to be more better.  Show me how I can make the lives of those around me more better, just as your love for me has made my life the best.  Amen.