encourage 2

Today’s post is a follow-up from yesterday’s post.  A part two if you will.  You can read yesterday’s post here:  About God, You’re Wrong, and Here’s Why.  We looked at the first half of Romans 14 and how Christians judge and destroy each other.

In the second half of Romans 14, Paul prescribes a different way.  In their case, the division was over what food was acceptable to eat, but we could fill in the blank with a thousand things that have divided brothers and sisters in Christ over the centuries.

The different way?  Simple but difficult.  It’s counter cultural, and possibly counter to human nature. Strive for peace. Encourage each other.  Build each other up.

Romans 14:19-20 (CEB)

19 So let’s strive for the things that bring peace and the things that build each other up. 20 Don’t destroy what God has done because of food. 

Who can you encourage today?  Who has God put in the path of your journey that you can build up today?

Be intentional about it.  Pick two people and send them a word of encouragement today.  Send a text or an e-mail, or do it the old-fashioned way, send a card or call them.  Let’s see if we can spread God’s love today.

You from personal experience, a little encouragement goes a long way.  We get enough negative messages from the world around us.  Today, let’s build up instead of tearing down.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to be an encourager today.  Show me who needs encouragement, and give me the words you want them to hear.  Amen.