Trust 2

One of the basic teachings of the Christian faith is “all that we have is a gift, a blessing from God.”  So the question becomes, with all that you have, what are you doing with it?  And I don’t mean just money and material things.  I’m thinking about things like time management as well, and more importantly my faith.  How will my faith in God impact those around me for the good of the Kingdom and to God’s glory?  How will I use all that God has given me and all that God done for me to produce fruit for the benefit of others?  In 1st Corinthians, Paul puts it this way:

Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries. Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy. – 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 (NRSV)

Am I a trustworthy steward of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?  Am I using all that The Lord has entrusted me with to help others in their discipleship journey?

If I’m honest with myself, the answer is yes and no. I do okay, but I am called to do better.  It’s conviction, but not with guilt, for me it’s conviction with grace.  The Adversary may try to use this in my heart and soul to shame me.  That would be guilt.  But what I feel this morning is the encouragement of The Father, to reach my potential, and help others around me reach theirs as well.  Remember this, God trusted you without you earning it, and God still trusts you even when you’ve messed it up 1,000,000 times.  That’s Grace for the Grind.

Forgiveness, Grace, and Love.  Three of God’s greatest gifts that we get to share with the world today. God has shared these with us.  Are we trustworthy?  Today, let’s give our best shot.

Prayer:  Lord, you love me, you made me, you gifted me, and you trust me.  Help me to live into your lofty expectations, and when I don’t, still love me and forgive me.  May you find me trustworthy today.  Amen.