make this moment count

Who knows exactly why you are where you are today?  You’ve had a lot of help and a lot things that seem like circumstances and made thousands of choices that have brought you to this place at this time.

The question is what are you going to do with it?  Consider that maybe God has helped to bring you to this day, this time, and this place to do something, to help someone.  Who has God put in your path today, and how can you make their day better?

Hear the words from Mordecai to Queen Esther and her opportunity as queen, about now being the time and place and God put you here:

14 In fact, if you don’t speak up at this very important time, relief and rescue will appear for the Jews from another place, but you and your family will die. But who knows? Maybe it was for a moment like this that you came to be part of the royal family.” – Esther 4:14

This is God’s day.  God made it.  And you’re in it. The question is how will you let God use this opportunity to help others?  To serve?

Prayer:  Lord, you made this day.  You put me here.  You see all the hurt and heartache and yet you have hope, because I, your messed up servant, am willing to serve you again today.  Thank you for this opportunity.  Help me make the most of it.  Amen.