not born yet

Psalm 22:30-31Common English Bible (CEB)

30 Future descendants will serve him;
    generations to come will be told about my Lord.
31 They will proclaim God’s righteousness
        to those not yet born,
        telling them what God has done.

This psalm, is attributed to David. It starts with expressing how he feels abandoned by God, and then moves into drawing on faith from life experience to trust that God is still in control and still loves us in spite of the today’s battles, conflicts, suffering, and set-backs. (You can read the whole psalm here.)

Today is always full.  To much to do, not enough time.  Today always has its share of bad news.  Innocent people gunned down in hate.  Yet in the midst of trouble, David uses words of perseverance, hope, trust for today and into the future.  He draws on the past and present to declare hope in the midst of overwhelming trouble.

What will the future of the Church look like?  I don’t know.  I do know that there will still be folks around to proclaim God’s righteousness to those not yet born.  What a message of hope.  It helps me to see beyond today’s troubles.  It gives me a hopeful long-term perspective, beyond today’s troubles.

The fullness of God’s love revealed in Jesus is the incarnation of hope in midst of the storm.  God loves you.  God loves those who aren’t even born yet.  We will tell them.

I don’t know what your troubles are today.  But I promise you that God loves you.  God is with you in this storm.  As The Lord was in the days of David, God is with us, caring for us and loving us.  As The Lord is with us, caring for us and loving us, The Lord will be with our children and grandchildren and future generations, caring for and loving them.

Prayer:  Lord, as you have for our ancestors of the faith, walk with us this day, come near to us, love us, care for us, strengthen us in our time of need.  Help us share this same good news with future generations.  Amen.