Future or Past

Acts 8:3 (CEB)

Saul began to wreak havoc against the church. Entering one house after another, he would drag off both men and women and throw them into prison.

Observation:  This is the same Saul, that would become the man we call Paul.  He would go on to be great missionary, and probably the most well-known writer of the bible.  Before his conversion, he was a persecutor of the Church.  God would forgive him of his past hate crimes and use him to spread the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, around the world.

Application:  As we head into a new year, it’s a great time to look back at the year that was.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve made a lot of mistakes.  The devil can use the shame from those sins to hinder us into the future.  Oooorrrrrr, we can lay the mess we’ve made at the foot of the Cross of Jesus, and leave them it for him to forgive and heal.  Forgiveness.  It’s what I need to move forward in all the messes I’ve made.

Questions:  Besides the Lord, whom do you need forgiveness from?  Besides, yourself, who do you need to forgive?

Prayer:  Thank you God for forgiving me.  Thank you Lord for those people in my life who have forgiven me.  By the power of your Spirit, put this same spirit of forgiveness and grace in me so that I may give it to others.  Give us Grace for the Grind.