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God, are you there

God, do you love me?  God do you still love us?  God, do you even care?  God, are you there? Turn on the news and you have to wonder.

As a child, when I would pray by myself, I would occasionally ask the question, “God, are you there?”  I have come to believe that God is, but when I look at the horrible things we do to each other, I have to wonder.

But that’s the beauty of Advent and Christmas.  Full of stories that God has acted and still cares.  Like these words from Zechariah, after his son John (the Baptist) is born:

   Because of our God’s deep compassion,  the dawn from heaven will break upon us. – Luke 1: 78 (CEB)

God’s love still breaks in to our mess because of God’s compassion, born out of God’s love for us.  That’s the hope and promise we celebrate at Christmas with the birth of God’s Son, Jesus.

So maybe the question is not, “God are you there?”, or “Do you still love us?”, but “Do we believe it?”  Because in believing that God still cares, still loves, still forgives, changes our perspective and how we live.  We are no longer living in survive and protect mode, but in loved by God and free to live mode.

Prayer:  God, you are there, and you do still love us.  May your love, shown forth in sending your Son, be born in us.  Change our madness with your presence, your love, and your peace.  Amen.