I don’t keep up with the royal family of England, except when they invade the news coverage in the U.S.  Because of their recent trip to New York, I learned that William and Kate will have child #2.  There will be a royal birth.  It’s expected. We know when and where to keep watch.

Even though folks were hoping for the Messiah to be born, and some were looking for it, no one expected it to be the woman from Nazareth giving birth in Bethlehem to a child that would grow up in Nazareth.  It’s clearly not the expected thing to do.  Once again God does great and unexpected things in great and unexpected ways.  I sat at a table yesterday with other ministers from East Tennessee, and we shared miracle stories, tales of God moving in unexpected ways.

God doesn’t usually use the high and mighty so much.  He works through the everyday folks like you and me.  And let’s face it, with a world full of hungry, hurting people, lonely, and broken folks, there a lot more of us regular folks.  By sheer numbers and proximity to our neighbors in need, we can make the most difference.

Do you expect God to work through you?  Where have you seen God work in unexpected ways?

Prayer:  Lord, continue to surprise us with your grace and love in unexpected ways.  Use us to help others.  Amen.