No Brakes

I was riding in the backseat of the Chevy Malibu when our brakes went out.  We cruised unwilling downhill through a busy intersection in Nashville without getting hit.  Eventually we came to a stop in a parking lot of a store not far down the road.  With the Lord’s protection and my mother’s quick wisdom, we were unscathed.  Sometimes you want to stop and can’t.  It’s an addiction.

Peter and John, two of Jesus disciples, are Jesus’ addicts.  In the Book of Acts, these two have healed a man in Jesus name.  The healed man is obvious evidence of The Lord at work through them in Jesus name.  After a hearing, the local religious leaders want them to stop.  Peter and John simply can’t.

18 When they called Peter and John back, they demanded that they stop all speaking and teaching in the name of Jesus.

19 Peter and John responded, “It’s up to you to determine whether it’s right before God to obey you rather than God. 20 As for us, we can’t stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”  – Acts 4:18-20 (CEB)

They can’t stop talking about God and what God is doing.  I’m thinking this morning that should be part of our Christmas.  Jesus birth, God’s son, the Saviour is here.

In the Christmas play at our church this year, my son played the part of the town newsboy, crying out Extra, Extra and then announcing the headlines.  Like one, not just peddling newspapers, but one who could wait for a story to be shared.  What God is up can’t be stopped.  And this, the story of our salvation in Jesus is ours to tell.  For me, it’s like the time God saved us when our brakes went out; I just have to tell that kind of story over and over again.  God at work is our invitation to join in.  Warning, it comes with this caveat:  Serving Jesus is highly addictive.

Prayer:  Lord, fill us with your Spirit.  Come to us again and again.  Work through us.  May we never stop telling your story of our salvation.  Amen