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We like to root for the underdog.  We love the Cinderella’s of the world, those who overcome great odds to achieve victory and success.  Some of my favorite bible stories are about underdogs: David vs. Goliath, Jacob wrestling with God, peasant girl being chosen to mother the Son of God.  God seems to like the underdogs too.

Right here in the middle of the Christmas story, we have another underdog story.  This time it’s God working through the little town of Bethlehem.

He gathered all the chief priests and the legal experts and asked them where the Christ was to be born. They said, “In Bethlehem of Judea, for this is what the prophet wrote: You, Bethlehem, land of Judah, by no means are you least among the rulers of Judah, because from you will come one who governs, who will shepherd my people Israel.” – Matthew 2:4-6 CEB

Feeling down and out?  Maybe today you feel like a “less than”.  Know that you are loved my God.  Most of us aren’t the big dog on the block. That doesn’t mean God can’t do great things through us.  The bible is full of God doing great things through regular and less than ordinary people.  Moms and dads, besties, kind strangers, teacher, and many others folks that world sees as ordinary, these folks do great things for the Lord every day, even if the world doesn’t notice, like it had almost forgotten about Bethlehem.

Prayer:  God, use me for your kingdom.  Like David the shepherd, Jacob the cheater, Mary the peasant, and Beth and Brittany and all of their fellow teachers, take my ordinary life, and do great things for your kingdom to your glory.  Amen.