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Psalm 127: 1-2

Unless it is the Lord who builds the house,
    the builders’ work is pointless.
Unless it is the Lord who protects the city,
    the guard on duty is pointless.
It is pointless that you get up early and stay up late,
    eating the bread of hard labor
    because God gives sleep to those he loves.

I’ve had some really good plans, that I thought would work.  I put them into place with the right resources and effort, and boom…they blew up in my face.  Why?  Because they were my plans and my ideas.  This psalm reminds us that what we do may be important to us, but if The Lord isn’t in it, it won’t work and won’t matter. If God’s will is not the foundation, what we do is pointless, vain, and wasted effort.  It’s tiring working in vain.

So, whether at work, or at home, what are your good ideas?  How do you know if they are your good ideas or part of God’s plan?  The best way I know is to talk them through with God in prayer and to share the idea with others who can help you discern.  I think of it as My Will vs. God’s Will.  I believe that God is wiser than I am, and my personal experiences have confirmed it.

So whatever your planning, start with God, or don’t start at all.  You’ll save yourself a lot of wasted effort, time, and resources.

Prayer:  God, be with us, lead us, guide us, love us.  Help us build for you.