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When I set down rules and boundaries (Law) for my children, it’s for their good.  I’d love to let them eat all of the cookies they want, but I know it wouldn’t be good for them.  When we talk about “the Law” in churches, we tend to do so in a negative you must do this, don’t do that or else tone.  We hear God’s law like children, ready to rebel.  Sure our parent’s parameters were good for us, we just tend to believe we don’t need them or we know better.  What if parental boundaries were more than just do’s and don’ts to keep us safe, what if they were there to also teach us values?  Use your manners anyone?  Saying please and thank you teach us gratitude.  Saying I’m sorry teaches us to forgive as we are forgiven.

So why do we look at the Law(s) in the bible as something we must do but don’t want to do instead of something good for us?  The Law feels like a curse, when I’m pretty sure it was a gift, a gift to keep us safe and teach us values from generation to generation.  Jesus puts it this way, “I give you these commandments so that you can love each others” – John 15:17

What’s the greatest law?  Love.  Love God, love neighbor.  – Matthew 22: 34-39

So, the Law is more than a list of rules instructing us to do this and don’t do that.  The Law is a gift, not to limit us, but to teach us to love.

Do you see the Law as a gift or as list of do’s and don’t you can’t live up to?  It was given as a gift.  And when we don’t live up to The Law and love?  There’s Gospel for that, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and more love.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to see your Law as a gift, teaching me how to love.  Amen.