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John 4:4-6 (CEB)

Jesus @ Jacob’s Well

Jesus had to go through Samaria. He came to a Samaritan city called Sychar, which was near the land Jacob had given to his son Joseph. Jacob’s well was there. Jesus was tired from his journey, so he sat down at the well. It was about noon.

Let me start today’s devotion with the quesitons.  Are you busy?  Are you too busy?  Do you feel overloaded?  Are you always on the go?  Do you get enough rest?

For those who follow Jesus, Jesus is our model, the one we are to immitate.  Jesus was very busy, and busy doing The Father’s work.  You could say it was important work.  Could their be anything more important than saving the world?  He’s been interrupted at night (John 3), he’s been calling and teaching disiciples, and now we add the stress of Pharisees starting to mistrust him and keep a close eye on his every move.  I think Jesus would feel stressed and overloaded with too much to do.  So what does he do?

He heads out of town, find’s Jacob’s Well, and sits down.  That would be Jacob from the Old Tesament, whose story is too long to tell here.  What you really need to know, is Jesus went to a place where The Father had acted before, a special special place spiritually, and a place where a necessity of life was provided.  He went to Jacob’s Well, in the middle of the day, and took a break, a pre-lunch break.

With too much to do, he sits down and rests in The Father.  That’s our model, even when your busy trying to save the world, with the weight of the world on your shoulders, take a break.  If you aren’t spending time resting with God, the problem is you, and the problem is yours, and you are the one missing out.

Start now.  Take a break.  It’s actually one of the Ten Commandments, something about Sabbath?

What can you do about it?  Clear 15 minutes in your schedule today and write “Appointment with G.”  That’s your time with God.  Don’t move it unless God tells you to switch times.  Step away to a quiet place if you can, sit down, and pray or read a devotional.  Whatever you want to do with God, it’s your time with God, just do it with you and The Lord.

This is easier than ever, you can sign up to receive this blog via e-mail, or I can recommend some others for you, or you can just pray and listen for God.  Stop, breath, rest, refresh.  That’s it.  I think you will find grace for your daily grind.

Prayer:  Lord, you made me, and you know my weaknesses.  I have physical and spiritual limitations.  Help me find rest for my thirsty soul.  Help me find my rest in you.  Thank you for taking time to be with me today.  Amen